In 2008, UTS PhotoSoc was born under a photography-loving man: Brian Lim. We were called UTS Exposure back then. We had a whopping 15 members back then, all who loved Photography and strove to share the love with others.

2009 brought about the 3-3-3 program. Three Pizza Nights, Three Workshops and Three Photoshoots a semester. This program has survived to this day.

In 2010, UTS PhotoSoc smashed through a few incredible milestones. This year, the team introduced scheduled events and grew almost 100% in members. UTS PhotoSoc also became part of UPA, an inter-University program that allowed photography societies from participating universities to attend each other’s events. And of course, the Team took home Club of the Year 2010.

In 2011, UPA continued, and UTS PhotoSoc had their first guest speaker: Landscape Photographer Tim Poulton.

Continuing tradition, Tim Poulton guest-spoke again in 2012. He also followed the society to their annual Blue Mountains trip to guide members in their landscape photography. 2012 also allowed members to participate in a photography exhibition as part of the Infusion Festival at UTS.

2013 brought about a new frontier: Studio/Fashion Photography. We had fashion Photographer Tom Lau come in to teach small groups the art of Studio Photography.

In 2014,  UTS PhotoSoc implemented the basic and advanced learning streams, training for photography jobs, and the Photographer Database.

2015: We officially changed our name from ‘UTS Exposure’ to ‘UTS Photography Society’ or ‘UTS PhotoSoc’ for short. This change minimised confusion and allowed for new members to find us more easily. We also held our first ever overnight Blue Mountains trip at Jemby Lodge near Katoomba.

2016 was a year of collaboration for PhotoSoc. We gained a new sponsor Georges Camera, partnered with Canon Australia and strengthened our relationship with ActivateUTS. We welcomed wedding photographer James Day for a talk and worked with UNSW, USyd, Macq Uni photography societies in a number of events. PhotoSoc also started it’s first Instagram member competitions and overhauled our jobs program for the first time since its inception in 2014.