UTS PhotoSoc Highlight Photography Competition

Highlight Photograhy Competition

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We are holding our first competition of the semester with the theme HIGHLIGHT. It is a broad theme that aims to be interpreted both literally and metaphorically. Using literal highlights in your photos such as back-lit or front-lit photos or using composition, colour and blur.

To enter in the competition please:

  1. Use the hashtag #utsphotosoc_highlight on your Instagram. If you do not have Instagram you are welcome to email Edwin (Members’ Officer Trainee) at [email protected]. Maximum of 3 entries per person.
  2. Follow @utsphotosoc on Instagram.
  3. Turn your profile to public if it isn’t already, to be eligible if you use the hashtag.


Competition ends 31st of August 2017 11:59pm

Note: Open to 2017 UTS PhotoSoc members only.


The prize is a $100 gift card from Georges Cameras!



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